ИНИ Industrial Engineering
ДРС Road Traffic
КОТ Communication Technologies
СРТ Modern Computer Technologies
ГРИ Civil Engineering
Екологија Environmental Protection




Environmental Engineering
Road Traffic Safety
Communication Technologies
Modern Computer Technologies






          By the resolution  of the Municipality Assembly of Nis, College for workers’ education Stanko Paunovic was founded on 28th May in 1976. In the meantime, by innovating curriculums and introducing new departments and programs, the College has gone through numerous transformations.
          Today it is a modern  public higher educational institution, College of Applied Technical Sciences, situated in Niš. The main aims and tasks of the College are in compliance with the aims of higher education which are established by the law. According to the Law of Higher education, the primary activity of the college is defined within educational-scientific framework of Technical and technological sciences, which is reflected in providing higher education within accredited study programs through:
          - first level degree studies UNDERGRADUATE PROFESSIONAL STUDIES and
          - second level degree studiesSPECIALIST PROFESSIONAL STUDIES.


          The College performs its primary activity by carrying out the appropriate study programs.

          At the CollegeUndergraduate Professional Studies, there are the following study programs: 

           - Environmental Engineering
           - Road Traffic
           - Communication Technologies
           - Modern Computer Technologies
           - Civil Engineering
           - Environmental Protection



          At the College Specialist Professional Studies , there are the following study programs:


           - Industrial Ecology,
           - Road Traffic Safety,
           - Communication Technologies,
           - Modern Computer Technologies
           - Communal Engineering


          The college disposes with the required resources (teaching staff, space, equipment, laboratories, cabinets,…) so that within the mentioned study programs, it can successfully organize specialist professional studies (second level-degree studies), as well as the studies outside of the College main bench.
         Apart from its primary activity, the college performs other activities for its own and commercial purposes, by using available resources, as long as these activities do not jeopardize the quality of the primary activity. 




College of Applied Technical Sciences




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