What is EngEDTech?


EngEDtech platform enables engineering students and employees in industrial sector to get the adequate skills through real-time simulation of management processes, for this important segment of their work. This solution is based on the NUCLEO F411RE development board, which is programmed to enable the acquisition of digital and analogue signals from a specially developed application on a PC, and also on any mobile apps. A microcontroller is programmed to function as a ‚‚slave‚‚, on commands obtained from a PC application via serial port. The first developed module dedicated to temperature and velocity of air flow control in some of industrial process has been supported by PID controller. The setting of an electric motor reference speed value has been enabled, as well as that of the PID controller parameters via the application programmed in the MATLAB. The application was developed in MATLAB GUI. There are student and teacher desktop applications, where teacher gives a task, changes process parameters of simulation with aim that student reacts to the changes, defines their influences on the system instability and get system in equilibrium. All of the time, the teacher has access to the student PART 1: SUMMARY INFORMATION The academy of applied technical and preschool teacher studies NIs, Serbia Revenue in USD since launch Edtech sector Number of team members Country Provide a general description of your venture cca 9000 Investment received so far in USD ERASMUS + Source of the investment Please include the link to your pitch on Youtube Link to product demo or log in information to access product https://vtsnis.edu.rs/engedtech/ Qatar Foundation | Think Bay | Education City | Doha | wise-qatar.org PART 2: PRESENTATION OF THE VENTURE Potential users of the EngEDtech paltform are students from different engineering disciplines, as well as industry employees, who are charge for controlling production processes from a technical standpoint. The platform is applicable to a wide range of subjects especially in the fields of automatic control, sensor systems, mechanics and design, robotics, tracking and positioning of objects, etc. Also, it is very suitable for training of employees in different industrial sectors, in cases of introduction of new production lines and plants. In such situations, employees undergo training in a framework to familiarize themselves with the features of new product lines, technical process and management parameters through real-time simulation.