What problem EngEDTech solves?


The problem of gaining practical knowledge and skills is one of the key issues facing education today. The goal of this platform is to better prepare students and employees for real-world work. Analyzes of HR experts, based on reports on the on-boarding period, indicate that 80% of the freshman in industry have only theoretical knowledge related to industrial processes, their flows and their control. There are several reasons for this, in particular: the inappropriateness of courses with a real situation in the industry, in terms of content and time, lack of technical possibilities for applying the acquired knowledge in practice. The platform helps to reduce the existing problem, which is reflected in the rapid and practical application of the acquired theoretical knowledge, The platform enables trainees to become familiar with manufacturing processes and plants, into which they will more easily and quickly integrate and integrate. This increases the efficiency of both the teaching process and the industrial production itself, which should ultimately result in better results for societies as a whole.